Adewale adejana of sapphire scents is taking advantage of social media to expand his business

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Adewale adejana of sapphire scents is taking advantage of social media to expand his business



Adewale adejana, a young Nigerian entrepreneur who started off his perfume brand from the scratch in 2015 has grown in less than two years to become a major stake holder in the fragrance industry here in Nigeria. The master perfumer made claims to have started up his business with just N30,000 only in 2015 within just one year in the industry, he had multiplied this investments into millions of naira. Sapphire scent in just two years, has expanded its market reach from zero to to becoming a household name amongst perfume lovers and patronizes, with over two hundred distributors nationwide including CAMERON, GHANA, UNITED KINGDOM, DUBAI amongst others.

Taking analysis of the mogul’s success, Adewale adejana takes cognizance of social media, acting as a catalyst to the success of his perfume business, he is observed to have used a very strong online hype tactics which interestingly worked for him, he has invested in creating relevance in the digital cyber space more than any other platform.

In his words, he said from the inception of the sapphire scents brand, most of their milestone achievements can be traced to the genesis of social media. In a recent speech he said,
“ investors from different location most of which I have never meet or even seen before just send in funds to us , we had to in fact organize an investors dinner in Lagos and Abuja so we could meet this people who are just sending in funds to us. He statistically made a profound and factual analysis telling the advantages of social media, he said “if you have about twenty persons walk into your office in a single day, then that a quite busy day but on social media we have thousand and millions of people passing through always”

He also said that in thi”s year alone, the sapphire empire had generated over a hundred million-naira investments from social media alone

The multi-millionaire entrepreneur doesn’t look like his ready to slow things down any soon. He recently announced on social media about an upcoming master-class session holding in Dubai hosted by the sapphire scents. This shows or signals a new intention of the master perfumer to climax his brand to global league. But how ready is the sapphire scent CEO to play the big league?




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