Here is what a consultant once told bill gates that made him the richest man in the world

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Here is what a consultant once told bill gates that made him the richest man in the world

A certain consultant said this to bill gates and it changed his perception about winning in the business field even in the midst of thick competition or compititors.


A certain consultant one suggested to bill gates one certain business strategy that I believe practically illustrates the power of long term goals. While Microsoft was still at its early stage in the late nineties, he suggested that the company should issue free computers with the Microsoft operating systems to all notable high schools and colleges within America. In the consultants thought, he assumed that this was a subline strategy that was important as it would create a bound between the upcoming generation and the Microsoft operating system, he had a perception that leaving the young child with a computer that had the Microsoft operating system was going to acclimatize and synchronize the company and its product with the young child’s  mind such that when he or she is grown they would find it quite tasking to engage in another process of getting inclined with other operating systems and as long as the company keeps working to update their products to meet regular demand, they were sure to own the market for as long as it is possible. without any negative consideration bill gates who was then chief executive officer (CEO.) of Microsoft took this marketing concept to heart and reactively ordered the free distribution of computers with the Microsoft operating system among different colleges cut across the united states of America.

Taking a present look at the situation of the Microsoft empire, it very much obvious that the strategy was largely successful. Microsoft holds the place of the most patronized and accustomed operating systems in the league of computer operating systems. With a completely monopolized market, it doesn’t seem like the billion-spinning firm is ready to quite any soon.

New age CEO’s must never undermine the power of long term goals. Many successful business brands can take cognizance of some key growth in their company as a result of working with a long-term business goal. Are you ready to grow a permanent business? If yes, then you must be ready to engage the power, sacrifices and benefits of working with a long-term goal.

Let leave you to brainstorm about these question;

Has your company developed a 10 years blueprint roadmap?

What advancement has your company speculated in your industry between now and 25 years’ time and what plans has your board resolved to pilot those innovation?

How relevant will your business be in the next 35years? What seeds are you sowing to make your company remains in relevance even pass that time?

Is your business all about the now?


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